2e Bluetooth very limited range

So bluetotth works fine to my earstudio headphone dac/amp when I am holding both in my hands. If I have the am clipped to my collar and the phone in my fanny pack the reception cuts out. Do I have a bad connection to the antenna?

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How was the range of the same device with your previous/other phone? We have tested Bluetooth headsets connect fine indoors till about 25-30ft direct line of sight. Outdoors would be less however the distance you are mentioning should not be an issue.

Update on our testing: Read here.


Never had a problem. I will test with my daughters phone. It was fully charged and I have used it at those type of distances. Fortunately it has a headphone jack so my training ride wasn’t music less. :slight_smile: I often wear the bluetooth interface and have the phone in the bags behind me.


Well both phones are the same and better in the house then mine was out in the desert today. I can’t think of what it could have been maybe something odd about the bag. Has not been a problem with my v60. Any way I don’t intend to use this phone for portable audio as much I just wanted to see what worked. And I then tested against the LG V60 this phone is replacing and the range was more then double for the LG. So I guess it is just a thing.

Sorry to piggyback on here, but have tested the wi-fi range on your phone by chance? any issues?

I haven’t. I don’t have the best wifi to test against. It seems less stable then my computers that are connected but similar range of bars. I would imagine it is the same antenna? I need to test it with someting more common like my sony noise cancelling headphones.

Just testing to see if we are having similar issues… but upon checking my bluetooth connectivity, it gets out of range at about 15 feet, so i guess thats ok. not the drastic dropoff that youre experiencing.

Yeah oddly it it was way better inside then out. I mean the range on my body was maybe 2-3 feet? I get much more in a room but I guess line of sight? Again never had this problem with another phone. Seems like phone in a bag on body to bt headphones is the basic design idea right?

If you are consistently getting 2-3 feet, then something is not right. Could you try the following:

  1. Try a different set of Bluetooth earphones
  2. Do a factory reset.

If still a problem, please reach out to support@myteracube.com with your order information for a warranty replacement.

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I haven’t tried yet with my device, but my wife was also seeing the (very) limited range on hers when paired to a set of headphones (we both have 2e’s). I will try mine tomorrow.

I’m having a similar problem. When I put my phone in my pocket the connection to my Bluetooth earphones starts to drop out and I lose about every other word.

Are you seeing this indoors or outdoors? Can you measure maximum direct line of sight distance indoors (maybe putting the phone on a table)?

Hello Sharad,

When you guys tested internally, did you do so with the case on or off?

I am going to guess most will be using the device with it on, so if you tested with it off originally during CI, it could actually be contributing to this issue unexpectedly.

I can tell you my experience with the case on (haven’t tested without, but now that I have seen this thread, I will to see if ti makes a difference) is that the range is a lot more limited than some other phones. I have also a Nokia 6.1 (TA-1045) and the difference in range using my Bose QC35II’s is actually about 50% less on the Terracube 2e. Not quite as bad as some had said, but leaving it in the table in one room and walking to get coffee in the next one over isn’t an option – if that gives you a bit of a better anecdotal example. Not sure if it is that you don’t have gain high enough in the driver for BT or if the antenna is blocked / small which is the cause, though testing without the case should at least help to establish a better baseline for expectation.

My 2 cents.



We did most of our testing with the pre-production case (slightly different version). I’ll still suggest you to do a direct line of sight experiment to find out the max distance (rough estimate in ft) at which music starts breaking up. That ways we can compare and see if there is something wrong with the particular unit you have.

The direct line of sight for my headphones connection seems to be better than 35 ft, but any interposing walls or obstruction of any kind blocks connection immediately. When putting it in my front pocket it often drops 20 to 50% of the words of the book I’m listening to.

Yeah that is my experience. Something very weird. I tried with my bluetooth interface. I had the phone in my bag on the back rack of my bike. And I had the clip on the back of my shirt and it was spotty.

I agree. Bluetooth range indoors is about half what it was with my previous phone, and it even skips and stutters at short distances sometimes, like less than 10 feet away within the same room.

Did some testing with a brand new 2e unit and 2 set of headphones - Apple airpods and Anker QC20 headphones.

Summary: If using phone from front pocket, orient the phone upside down.

–Detailed test notes–

Apple airpods range ~ 15-20ft mostly line of sight.
Anker QC20 : Significantly more than airpods at 30-35ft. More resilient to walls.

Apple airpods: On a park bench 6-7 ft. Skipping in front pocket. Orienting the phone upside down (top side of the phone down) did improve the skipping issue.

Anker QC20: Better range than airpods. From the park bench about 10-13ft. Far less skipping than airpods and the upside down orientation pretty much got rid of the skipping.

Outdoor range being less than indoors is generally expected with Bluetooth protocol. Regarding overall lower range and skipping issue - we will check whether this can be improved in software.


Thanks really appreciate you sharing this data.

I’ve been using Bluetooth Enacfire earbuds with three other devices and had no trouble. With the 2e, unfortunately I can’t even put my phone in my pocket without causing them to disconnect. Literally just my body or clothes are enough to block the signal. Again, this has never happened with any other device I have used. Just letting you know that this really is a problem.