[Advanced users only] TWRP recovery + root for Teracube 2e

Adb reboot bootloader does work. it doesn’t work when I try it after the fastboot reboot during the boot logo with the unlocked bootloader.

Picture from the post ^

after fastboot reboot, it goes to the setting up the android for the first time. Do I go through the setup and activate developer option to enable usb debugging?

  1. WARNING: Unlocking the Bootloader WILL PERFORM A FACTORY RESET on your phone. Please backup your data BEFORE PROCEED.

As it warns, unlocking the bootloader successfully will wipe your phone, leading to setting it all up again including enabling USB debugging and allowing your specific device to connect again.


Hi @ide - were you able to get through using info provided by @Maymne ?

Yes I was able to get into TWRP with Maymne help. But I’m unable to sideload the os because of the device name is yk673v6_lwg62_64 instead of 2e,teracube_2e .