Alternative cases

Has anyone found an alternative case that fits the phone well? I find the case it comes with is too loose and not enough protection.


I was actually in the process of designing one when I found out the Cube was shipping with one, so I abandoned the project. Maybe I should get back on that…

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As William mentioned, many of us have access to 3D printers. If we could have cad or similar files of the phones dimensions, we could probably create the stl file for a case.

Is there a way we could get this? Thanks so much!

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Hi all!
We’ve created a sort of custom-case starter kit as a .blend file. The kit contains:

  1. A solid model of the Teracube created from an original CAD file, with the various ports and holes extruded away from the phone.
  2. A non-solid shell of the phone’s basic shape, with no ports or holes.
  3. A quick example case created by expanding the shell a little and subtracting the solid model.

The original CAD model can probably be made available if needed, but it contains a lot of small disconnected parts that don’t play well with Boolean operation.

If you’d rather have plain STLs of the solid shape or the shell, that can also be arranged.

Here’s the ZIP:

If it gives you trouble, just let us know. If you create anything cool, we’d love to see it!

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Ok that’s awesome I was going to ask to see about buying another case to try and go old school with making a mold. Am still interested in trying this route but may see about printing out a solid copy of the phone to work with! Thank you

Replying to follow the thread. I don’t mind how low profile the case that came with the phones is, it’s just very slick and I’m worried it’s going to slip out of my hands.


Would love STLs Thanks.

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Can you make a solid stl of the phone so I can play with making molds for cases and it as a blank I won’t ruin. I can’t 3d print but know some people that can.

I do not have access to a 3d printer. And I know many people also do not. If there was an alternative case with more grip to buy then I know it would be popular.

It’s a shame to hear that the case it comes with is slippery

There are a few that might fit with some mods. It will mean notching out where the power button is mostly and making a hole for the head phone jack. Will take me a few days but will try and see what I can do. Was thinking about that last night while trying to sleep lol.

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I’m totally not opposed to tracking down some sort of tool to modify a iPhone case or some other common phone case that might be less slippery and protect more parts of the phone

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Hi, all!
We’ve prepared a new ZIP for those with 3D printers. This file contains STLs of:

  1. The example case.
  2. The phone will all buttons and holes extruded for easy subtraction from a base shape.
  3. A solid model of the phone’s basic shape with no buttons or holes.
  4. A solid model of the phone’s basic shape with the power and volume buttons and the camera bump.
  5. A solid model of the subtractable cutouts for all buttons and holes, without the phone body.
  6. A solid model of the power and volume buttons, and the camera bump, without the phone body.

File below:
Teracube STL Collection


What I did was buy anti slip grip tape on Amazon costs about 13 dollars. And then cut and installed the tape on the case. I did an ok job but considering this is a temporary fix I would much prefer a more durable case with a lip to protect from screen damage. If you don’t have time to cut tape and experiment with measurements. I would get Dragon Grips. It’s about 10 bucks.
Pictures of my phone:
Dragon Grips:
Anti-slip tape (if you have time):

I just posted a FB request to all of my friends to see if one of them would be willing to 3D print a couple of phone cases for me. If I get some hits, I will be sure to share pictures of their creations. The included phone case is too slippery and doesn’t give enough protection…especially for my clumsy hands. Have you had any luck at printing out a case yet? So far…my daughter and I are loving our Teracube phones. They have met all of our expectations and then some.


If some one can print a phone blank (wouldn’t use my phone like in video, here is a diy phone case. One could mix up extra and make it thicker

The phone that i’ve found thats the closest to the teracube (in terms of design) is the xiaomi mi 8 lite. The only issue is; is that the volume rocker and the power button are on the same side. Here are some pictures as to what the phone looks like in the link below. The camera is in the same position, the heights the same and the fingerprint scanner is pretty much in the same place. By the way you might want to cut a hole for the headphone jack.

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Humm get out the exacto knife

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I haven’t had time to print the case example myself, so I recommend a test-print before running off multiple units. I’ve never gotten a successful print from my machine using flexible filament, but the flexible filament I own feels about the same as the included case, in terms of friction. It might be a good idea to have a test-square printed using the material to see whether it will be worthwhile. If it doesn’t seem like an improvement over the included case, you can always add some ridges or indents to the model to make it harder to drop.

@robert might make a solid pla/abs and then make a mold from it. Can use the mold to make a silicone case. If can edit case thickness in desired areas for more cushion, also if desire a solid that goes over the silicone like some cases. Or if able 3d print the mold? My 3d design skills are lacking but long ago have done some mold work, just an idea. I need to get back to learning how to use a 3d design program.

Had a friend make a 3D case for me yesterday. Pictures will follow. The button arrangement is almost perfect. When I put the phone into the case, it was a VERY tight fit. He is going to print another case but make the power button holes and the volume button holes a little bigger. The 3 buttons don’t come out of the case you you will have to “reach” in and power it up. I might take a small file and make all of the holes a little bit bigger since I don’t want to wreck any of the buttons while putting the phone into the new case. I have our local library also printing out a case to see if the phone will fit any better. Will update when I receive it. Overall…really impressed with the 3D print.