Alternatives to android?

Hello there,

I want to be honest here, I know that the phone is unlockable, rootable, and people have been installing custom ROM’s on it for a while now,

However, I belong to the chunk of population who has no idea of how to do that, and I have been searching for a phone with an alternative to android. Mainly, I am interested in Ubuntu Touch, but Sailfish, Murena ( /e/ OS), seem interesting too.

I feel like this device is ideal to jumpstart the promotion of other operative systems, and try to tip the balance away from google’s / apple’s / microsoft’s (if they ever try again) dominance.

By offering these options in a pre-installed experience, would give the change to the non-tech consumers to get a more privacy focused device.

I am not saying renounce to android altogether, but at least let it be Lineage OS, Graphene, etc. among the options.

Of course, I mean no offence to anyone who uses and likes android, to each it’s own, but some of us are in desperate need for choices.


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Greetings @Daemonicvs.

In short, the T2e absolutely is as close to an “ideal” device to jumpstart other OS-alternatives for those who have “no idea how to do that” as one will find today.

My alt-OS/AOSP journey began a little over a year ago with the purchase of a Samsung S6 and loading /e/OS- it was frustrating and hair and blood pressure-raising but with the help of the /e/OS community and one member in particular (SuzieQ) I got it rocking and haven’t looked back.

From there, I gained enough knowledge and experience to load /e/OS onto a Samsung S9 (which I use as a daily driver today) and have purchased a T2e from with /e/ pre-loaded as a backup (the S9 under /e/ does not support VoLTE and may not be usable as 3G gets shut down next year).

I know that the above may come across as an advertisement of Murena/e/ and it is in a way, but one needs to recognize that resources are finite and precious. The Teracube team has made available to the general public wonderful devices for the vast majority of users who want to support Big-Tech alternatives with a pre-installed OS that meets the needs of the majority of the buying public- but they cannot expend limited resources on a niche market of a niche market! We should all want the Teracube team to expend their resources on what they do best: constructing physical devices that allow us to tailor them to our needs, not the needs of Big-Tech and Big-Surveillance. I, for one, am looking forward to T3!

For OS alternatives, we must look to the AOSP community and from personal experience the /e/OS (Murena) is the best-fit for me. While in extreme Beta, the OS works for almost all daily needs so long as you taper your expectations. If you expect an iOS-level smooth ride or need to play multiplayer games on your mobile, you will be disappointed. But keep your expectations in check and recognize that you have ceased to be an economic unit of Google, FB/Meta, Apple, etc. and I would expect that you will smile every time you ring someone up knowing you have withdrawn your consent and refuse to play the Big-Tech game any longer.

If this sounds remotely like what you are seeking to accomplish, I would seriously consider “jumping in the pool” and getting on the waiting list at for a T2e.

Best of luck to you.


I am a 90’s teenager, I just want phone calls, messages, and not be bothered, that’s it.

I AM on the waiting list on Murena, and Iodé, they use Teracubes, they put their OS and sell them, I am fine with that, I’m just saying, it would be nice to be able to buy them straight from Teracube, because, unless UBports makes a deal with Teracube, I will not be able to buy it and do the porting myself.

I guess it sounds a bit selfish, but I bricked a couple of phones trying, cheap ones thou, but still, I am not ‘cut out’ to do it. I’ll wait and see.


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Lineageos, Graphene, /e/ are all Android roms. What you’re looking for is things like the Ubuntu Touch you mentioned, and KDE’s Plasma Active. Check out Pinephone: their phones run any number of these. The Teracube phones seem somewhat better as hardware; I’d like to see them run this software also.

That was an enjoyable and succinct read. Thanks very much. We are all in a pickle. Me, I just want to be left alone to research and read on the internet highway. A really great number of people have been waking up to the invasive practices of the corporations. No matter how wealthy or poor we are, the whole idea of us representing money is rather sickening. I grew up in the restaurant business. My father taught me the importance of every single human experience in our service. Was the food delicious? Did they get the value they want for the money they spent? We never ever asked anyone to go tell their friends about us. We believed that if they were happy, referrals would be a given. As a result of that training, I hold every business I deal with to those same standards. If they fail to change, ever after I tell them why I am not happy, I close my wallet and move on. In reality, the Consumer has the most power in most transactions. I do know one very important thing about human nature. Some businesses cannot be all things to all people. As far as I know, Sharad and Anthony ran the show back in 2019. This is near December 2021. Murena hoped to get the Teracube E2 shipped by November. That has become a wishful January/February 2022. Either way, we are a community attempting to support the gentlemen running the operation. It is not easy to run a start up. Nor is it easy to keep it running. The chip shortage affected millions of businesses around the world. We Teracubers will press on!


[quote=“jbray, post:4, topic:3173”]
Check out Pinephone: their phones run any number of these

Well, the Pinephone is a developer’s device, not intended for end consumers, the devs themselves do not recommend to have it as daily usage,

So I was hoping for Teracube to go for it, anyway, I have no issues using Murena, iode, or VollaOS, etc.

I will wait and see.

Edit: there is not going to be a ‘solution’ for this topic, so I’m just gonna mark it as solved and let it go.


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For those that are interested.

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