Black screen and micro SD card reader inop

Brand new 2e. Opened box today. Black screen when trying to setup voicemail and just calling. Did all the suggestions from the team online as well as chat. (Phone app, phone memory and cache delete, factory reset, etc)

Also micro SD card will not work properly. Phone keeps rebooting etc.

Brand new 2e is an android shipped directly from teracube.

Regarding the dark screen, can you try some things mentioned in this thread.

Does your Micro SD work is another Android phone?

Did the below yesterday. Tried it again :tired_face:. Black screen problem still occurs. Did all the tech and blogs suggests as well as teracube chats yesterday for all the issues.

Brand new micro SD card checks out on another device. When inserted with two different ones the constant rebooting still happens. Can’t even try to do any voicemail setup or calls because of the rebooting. Took out the micro sd card then learned about the black screen problems.

Seems like one problem leads you onto another with the 2e I received. Looks like I received a bad device.

Please send me a new replacement today please!!! Really appreciate it.

(We were planning on getting teracube 2e’s for the entire family and extended family based on the experience of the first device. This experience is making it hard for me to sell the idea to the rest of the family right now. Just saying!)

Please send me the shipping info on the new replacement to settle down the angry natives here. Otherwise teracube will be the talk of the Mother’s Day get together this weekend.

Thank you :pray:

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Hi @ABW - I’m sorry for your experience so far. I just removed your address from the post for Privacy purposes. Please email and they can guide you for a quick replacement (although I doubt we can do anything before Mother’s day). Please include a link to this discussion in your email.