Missed Monthly Android Security Patches Since May 2021

Wanted to share a list of missed Android security patches with other Teracube 2e customers. Links are to the Android Security Bulletin page. I will continue to update or re-post each month until we receive a stable release with a higher Android Security Patch Level.

Based on: 2021 Teracube 2e

Current stable software release: Teracube_2e_16

  • Android Version = Android 10
  • Android Security Patch Level = May 5, 2021

Missed Security Patches by month; Sorted by current month to older
Links are to the Android Security Bulletin page.



I am only a customer and don’t work for or represent the company, but better than inflaming other customers about missed security updates would be to offer help to the company. There’s an old saying, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I understand that monthly updates are VERY important, but I feel the company is working toward that rather well. There’s a lot of different aspects within a company, such as manufacturing, logistics, maintenance on both parts and OS, payroll, and other day-to-day operations. They are a small company and are working toward a good goal, but they are not to the point of Samsung, Motorola, or Google, (some of which have missed many security updates as well) but I feel they will catch up soon and do well as long as they have a good supportive community and team behind them.


Considering that 3 years of security updates is one of the advertised features of the Teracube 2e, I think the most appropriate way to “help” the company would be to report their false advertising to the FTC. Doing so will help them learn to comply with federal law, and if that fails it will protect unwitting consumers from falling into their grasp.

FTC Fraud Report

I get your concern and I agree it needs to be fixed soon, but I also know that Google, Apple, Samsung, etc wasn’t built in a day. It takes a while to get everything up to speed. I understand a bit of the process of getting a company up and going, and especially with the road Teracube chose, it’s a hard road. All the other companies before them have made some TERRIBLE mistakes and almost no one has held their feet to the flames because they were innovatting a brand new technology. Teracube is using that tech to innovate a new path, an affordable, semi-repairable phone with an unlockable bootloader. Also, as someone in IT, I will say the gross majority of exploits that people experience don’t come from brute force attacks on a device, but from the user clicking or accepting something they shouldn’t have. Again, not excusing a lack of security updates, just saying it’s harder than you think and it takes a while to get to where they need to be, especially being a small company pulled in many directions and having a small budget from which to pay the people to provide the parts and services needed. Just my 2 cents.


I should have started the post with some insight and support I have for Teracube. I believe in their mission of sustainability. I would be happy to help test Beta, Alpha versions; if my 2e was not my primary phone. Heck I would even attempt to help the developers if I didn’t have a full time job and spare time to assist.

@mmoretz I wasn’t trying to inflame the community, I just wanted to share with everyone how far behind we are on security patches. While I do agree most exploits are drive-by downloads, visiting/downloading questionable sites/software, phishing emails, etc. Some of the security updates address issues such as zero-click and remote code execution vulnerabilities.

Before I purchased my phone in January 2021, I had emailed support with questions regarding when to expect the android security patch level to be updated. At that time it was expected to be 4 to 6 months there would be security patches available to install. The way it was communicated at that time, the security patches would be available over the air (OTA) updates. For the price of the phone, I thought this was acceptable. Today is March 25, 2022 and there has not been an official android security patch update available to install sent since July 2021 SW16 (which puts me at android security patch level May 5th 2021). Far behind the 4 to 6 months.

Again, I support the Teracube mission of sustainability however I am going to continue to watch from the sidelines. Teracube has made a splash in the mobile phone market. Since the Teracube has come out, the major mobile phone manufactures are starting to support their lower to mid range phones longer. Samsung is releasing their new mid range phone A53 and will have 4 years of OS upgrades plus 5 years of security patches, which will probably be quarterly. I think that is the first time a mid range Android phone will have software support that long.

For my work/personal life, I need a phone that is safe and secure.