No pictures with text messenging

Greetings to all! At the moment, the phone’s text messaging system cannot receive photos… Is there a setting I don’t understand?

Michel Morin

Likely APN issues with your provider.

What is your carrier, and what SIM are you using?

I am with Videotron, in Québec (Canada)…

Where can I find the AIM info your are asking for?


SIM, sorry. Stupid auto-correct

I use the SIM card that Videotron gave me: it sits perfectly in the TeraCube Cradle.
Is there more information I can give you on this topic, if so, how can I get it?


(And I dont have access to the Google Store anymore…)

(But it is getting late… Let us come back at this tomorrow!)

Hello! I am back online…
Does someone have an hint about the technical difficulties I am confronted to?


Try verifying your settings using the documentation there

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see here as well

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Did they APN settings suggested by @Saijin_Naib make a difference for your text messaging?

Regarding the Google play store - could you clarify what is going on? Is it not able to connect because there is no internet connectivity? Is it not working on Wifi either?

Few things you can try :

  • Make sure you have internet connectivity by testing it in Chrome browser.
  • Reboot and check again
  • Goto Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Store > Storage. Clear Storage and Cache.

I am on the Fido network in Canada and am also having issues sending/receiving photos to/from certain phones. Have I understood correctly that the next software update will correct this? If so when will that be?

I’m in the US and use Consumer Cellular - -having the same problem. Can’t receive pictures with texts.

Hi @Lori - welcome to Teracube forums. This is most likely an APN issue. Can you check if your APN settings match the ones in this post?

Here is how to manage APN in general.

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