Our next big thing

Yes, Teracube 2e supports USB OTG.

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If I’m quick, there might still be some Super Early Bird options left! :slight_smile:

It’s really good to see an affordable, more environmentally sustainable, phone>


Howdy, the new phone looks nice, but I didn’t see any mention of google fi. Will it work with google fi? thanks for the info!

Google fi is not supported on any of our phones. Their app has lots of activation issues as well as caused battery issues for some of our Teracube One customers. Our understanding is that Google fi is best meant for “Certified for Fi” devices.

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Is there a maximum size of micro SD card that can be put into the 2E?

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128 GB is the max size for the microSD card accepted for Teracube 2e.

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Is it compatible with the mobile networks in Austria (like spusu) and Nepal (like NTC)?

Hi sorry for the late reply. Yes, Teracube 2e supports Spusu and Nepal as it uses LTE bands B3, B7, and B20.

I think the 2e has the potential to be a decent phone. I am in Australia and have ordered the 2e. I am aware that Australia will not get the free repair shipping. So, exactly how repairable is the 2e? For example, if I break the screen, would I be able to order a new screen, and replace it myself?


Yes - we will make all the spares (including the display) available for purchase as well as the repair howto’s.


Excited to discover a smart phone with a commitment to sustainability.

What can you tell us about overall power use compared to other phones in it’s class?

Also, with “normal” use how many hours of use between charges?

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T2e is quite good in power management with its 4000mAh battery and 8 x A53 CPU cores. So far our sample units are averaging around 0.6-1.0%/hr in standby and 6-8%/hr of screen usage. Under normal usage, the phone should last anywhere between 40-55 hours (approx 2 days).

This looks great folks. I have been following progress since the Teracube One and I am excited to see where you progress from here.

A few questions.

  1. Are there plans to have your devices “certified” for AndroidOne? (why/why not?) https://www.android.com/one/ – It seems like this comes with some good support for keeping updates current.

  2. Front camera on the 2e - Auto focus? or fixed focal length?

  3. Are there plans to make another midrange or even semi-flagship type phone that competes with the Pixel 5 (or future 5a)? I love the accessibility of this model, but I would also love to see a more high end option with the same type of reparability, etc.

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Also very interested about plans for a higher end phone. I am a light user, but even then, a Mediatek A25 is slightly concerning. I tend to have a lot of background tasks running for syncing everything up. I’m not sure how well the low end soc and 4gb of ram will work for me. I would jump on this if it was more mid-range. But as it is I think it may be more environmentally friendly to hold on to my aging phone and wait for something with 5g (not mm-wave) and a midrange soc to show up in the repairable phones market.
That being said, I do think there’s a market for this type of low-end phone. Environment aside, not everyone has $500 to drop on a new phone every two to three years. $100 for a phone which you can repair for at least 4 years sounds like a great deal to me. However, this phone is kinda hard to find out about. Are there any plans for increased marketing in the near future? I know marketing sucks but I feel like it must be hard to sell cheap phones to a demographic that can afford the time to find an obscure phone on the internet and then risk $100 or more on indiegogo for it. Just my two cents. All in all it looks great and I may buy it despite my concerns!

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If your worried about the specs on the 2e. Try out the regular Teracube. Might give you just what you need.


Unfortunately we have sold out Teracube One already.


Is there plans to restock, or is Teracube done offering the Teracube one?


There are a lot of universal battery chargers for cell phone batteries.

I have only ever bough cell phones with swap-able batteries and have used the same charger for years. Check Amazon and Ebay.

Generally, as long as the battery physically fits, it will charge. The pins are movable and the polarity can be matched by how the battery is inserted.

I just inserted a 512gb card after removing a 256gb. Both work flawlessly. The 512gb Samsung microsd is noticeably faster.


I like to have 1 TB on a phone on a new teracube 4 years warranty earn around the world and black and white on the photography because I should only black and white more power on a battery and 48 megapixels on a camera and front camera minimum 12 or 16 megapixel