SIM card does not fit

I got the phone, but my SIM card doesn’t fit the tray. What’s the best solution for this? Thanks, looking forward to use the phone!

Teracube can fit nano SIM cards in either of its slots. What SIM card size do you have or which phone were you using earlier? You could also share a photo of your SIM card in the Teracube SIM tray.

Also - watch our video if you haven’t already.

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See attached pic, the phone I’m still using is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active.

ah, you have a micro SIM and the holder is for a nano SIM
(which can be cut from a micro with a tool or carefully manually but you might get a free replacement)
the larger spot is supposed to hold a micro SD card or the 2nd nano SIM (taking less space)


I’ll suggest to get a new nano SIM replacement from the carrier. They should give you one for free.

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I have also encountered a problem with a sim card not fitting the tray, in this instance both the micro and the nano cards from Consumer Cellular, a carrier suggested by Teracube.
My question is, which carriers have sim cards that are actually compatible?

Almost all carriers (including Consumer Cellular) provide a nano-SIM card these days. Could you post a photo of your SIM card in the tray (like the one in the 3rd post above).

I sent you 3 photos yesterday showing that the sim cards from ConsumerCcellular do not fit the Teracube tray. You had replied to my email, with the subject line, “Two issues”, requesting that I send photos.
I replied yesterday to your email and came on to this forum today when I saw another member was having difficulties fitting a sim card.
I trust you’ll be able to locate my reply to you with the photos. At this stage, i am simply attempting to receive information which will enable me to find a carrier who has a sim card which fits the tray.
Charles Gordon

That nano-SIM (smallest) should have fit ideally. See if the SIM’s edges can be slightly softened.

As for carrier suggestion - you could try T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile. If you pop into any of their stores, they could help you with your current SIM as a courtesy. Worth trying :wink:.

Were you able to get the SIM to work? Let us know if you are still having any issues.