T1 Android 10 - ringer volume issue

After upgrading to Android 10 I frequently find my ringer is not working. I open the Sound settings and increase the Ring Volume but there is no audio feedback when I use the slider. I find I have to close the settings section and reopen it in order to actually be able to hear the ringer.

The audio settings open up in 2 steps - one is a mini window which will not have audio feedback. However if you click on “See more” or go to Settings > Sound, then you should get audio feedback while adjusting ringer volume.

After upgrading to Android 10 I’m having similar audio issues on my Teracube 1st Generation phone with:
The call volume being too low even though the setting is at max.
The ring volume is high, but the phone doesn’t ring. It intermittently appears to be turning the ringer off, and I’m not sure why.

Is it possible for you to repro it on demand? If yes, could you take a video.