T2e with Google Fi

I can say that the problems are the same with the T2
I had missed the notes on google FI,
When I travel I get a text with a carrier services verification code.
I have been having to restart my phone multiple time a day because of lockups and not sending text and lag on phone calls.
Sound like these are all related to FI…

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Any update for Google FI

We haven’t done any testing ourselves and continue to not claim compatibility (especially because of experiences like yours). Is moving to another carrier an option for you?

I am going to try Tmobil


Same issue here. Fi actually seemed to work for several weeks, then started doing this thing where I would lose service for a few seconds, get it back, lose it again, and it would keep cycling like that until I restarted the phone. Restarting would stop the cycle for a few hours, but then it would just start again. I was missing calls and texts and texts weren’t being sent either. And I was getting the verification texts too. I ported over to Tello today and so far so good.

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I’ve been using my T2E on Google Fi for months with no problems. Everything was going great.

Suddenly on the morning of may 18th (seems to have coincided with an update to build 06 I think although I can’t find a timestamp for that in android) I started to have disconnections and would receive the carrier service messages and see sim resynchronization happening constantly even when not rebooting. Have been having to reboot my phone constantly to avoid missing calls/messages. Yesterday on a whim I did reseat my sim card and honestly I think that has helped. Would recommend others experiencing the problem to try that.

Switching networks is not an option for me so I have ordered a pixel 4a unfortunately. Not trying to throw any shade at the teracube team. I’m a developer myself and T2E is a decent product. I look forward to future teracube devices, and hopefully can use my T2E abroad with Fi sim in slot 2. I’ve always known this was going to be more of a beta thing for me since Google Fi has marginal support with most devices outside their offering.

I just can’t justify using T2E as my main phone right now as this issue has caused problems for me but maybe I’ll be able to give it a try again. Would be willing to give it a shot after the next build drops. Is there a listing of system updates on this forum?

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We have the SW15/SW16 undergoing CTS (Google play) certification right now. However supporting Google Fi is not going to be possible - we are not even sure if Google is open to working with BYOD devices for Fi.

Correction: When I say “supporting Google Fi is not going to be possible” - what I mean is we will not officially say that Google Fi works with our phones. Users are still welcome to try it out and use it if it works.

Hi Sharad,

I have 2 of my kids using their T2E’s on my Fi Family plan without issue. One is running SW16 and has no issues with calls/texts/signal.

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I just received my 2e today. Had been using Google Fi for service. Tons of weird issues as I was setting it up.

The Google Fi app would seem to be the culprit, but the phone as a whole would just run terribly whenever you started to activate. The Fi app would present a different activation process every time I would try to open it and would spin and spin until finally landing on either:

  1. The app crashed
  2. The app would say to enable mobile data and when I would click over to settings it would show mobile data enabled and list Google Fi as the network, but when I would click into mobile data the com.android.phone process would crash, forcing me to clear storage/cache for the Fi app and then reboot just to attempt again.
  3. The app would say install the SIM even though I very clearly had the SIM installed

Lock ups, random triggering of the status/notification window, soft buttons not responding, crashes, etc. Factory reset the device to no avail. Tried both SIM slots in case one was having an issue and the issue persisted. Worked with Google support and they said the phone was incompatible right off the bat, but then worked with me for 2 hours and still couldn’t get it going. I can post the transcript from when I worked with them if anyone is interested.

I knew Google Fi was kinda iffy on the 2e when I bought it, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. I have no problem changing carriers so I’ll give one of the approved ones a shot.

Hope this gives a good idea of what a pain Google Fi is right now with a brand new 2e!

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its not only the 2e having many issues on fi some other people i know left google fi because of nothing but issues like these. one person even has a pixel phone and has sometimes odd issues.