Teracube 2E, e/Foundation install failed/cycles from black screen to powered by Android and back

I was installing e/Foundations operating system, followed instructions to the letter I thought. I use a Linux(Manjaro) computer, everything was working great, the easy installer asked me to press “up Volume” to accept and I did. A few seconds latter I noticed very small 2 line message on the screen midway down that said:
“USB-Transmission ok”
“USB-Transmission(I forget the rest)”

It stayed in this state for nearly an hour and was completely unresponsive, so I decided to disconnect battery and then reconnect, this brought up a new set of messages:(3 lines)
“Orange State”
“Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted”
“Your device will boot in 5 seconds”

Unfortunately all that happens is a cycling from black screen to the “Teracube Powered by Android” screen every 10 seconds or so, without ever booting and buttons are still not functional. This thing is brand new, came in friday. I don’t know what to do.

Can you go to fastboot and send me the first 6 digits of your serial number?
As far as I know, /e/OS does not support the new units.
We are working on support for that, and instead, you can try out beta testing our LineageOS builds that are going up in the next couple of hours.

I can’t get anywhere I’m stuck with the cycling black screen and 3 line message about, “Orange State”. I can however get the back cover off and give you the SN# 202111

/e/ will not work on the newer units afaik. Please try out the new Lineage release

Well that is a problem, I bought this phone explicitly to use the /E/ ios and now it appears my new phone is a brick… Marvelous. I’ve been on a waiting list for 4 months. Not a happy camper at this moment. Maybe this is a sign to get out of smart phones all together… I purchased 3 Google phones to upgrade to Lineage OS and they were all Locked and useless and then found /e/ and loved the reviews so … Anyway, I need to think about what to do nest. I don’t want “Lineage” I wanted “/e/” but with a phone that doesnt function anymore what does it matter?

I do understand your point. /e/ for the new units is still a work in progress… and we’ve spoken to the team. It should be out in some time. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

If you want to restore your phone back to stock, you can follow the tutorial here - [Advanced] Installing factory Android image w/ SP Flash

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I understand your disappointment, but it was said many times already that /e/ isn’t ready for this phone yet. That being said, /e/ is built on LineageOS, and with that now being in beta, it’s only a matter of time before /e/ is released. My advice would be to either exercise patience and wait for /e/ or try out Lineage. I like it a lot

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Thanks, I’ll do that and just wait some more until /e/ is ready. Your patience and guidance are appreciated.