Teracube 2e for sale

I got two early ones and love the phone. I can’t get out of my phone contract without loosing $600 on the payment plan. So I am stuck with this over priced LG monster. I will sell one for what I paid for it. $100 plus shipping. Trying to list it on swappa but could just do it via paypal if you like. Maybe it has 3 weeks of use. Probably a little wear on the screen protector etc.

Well I have only gotten one response so far. Seems like Swappa won’t sell a low volume phone. Anyone interested? I guess I will make craiglist ad and see if there are any local buyers. To be very clear I really like the phone and even with the few issues it has would love to keep it but I am stuck with a locked LGv60 that I can’t payoff and keep the discount. And hence can’t unlock it. Last contract phone I purchase. Phone has worked great on ATT. Fine speed on 4G. Great range even in the mountains.

Thanks for the interest but it sold.

Hi. Do you know how much is ship to Brasil? cod 93819-696