Teracube 2e for sale

I got two early ones and love the phone. I can’t get out of my phone contract without loosing $600 on the payment plan. So I am stuck with this over priced LG monster. I will sell one for what I paid for it. $100 plus shipping. Trying to list it on swappa but could just do it via paypal if you like. Maybe it has 3 weeks of use. Probably a little wear on the screen protector etc.

Well I have only gotten one response so far. Seems like Swappa won’t sell a low volume phone. Anyone interested? I guess I will make craiglist ad and see if there are any local buyers. To be very clear I really like the phone and even with the few issues it has would love to keep it but I am stuck with a locked LGv60 that I can’t payoff and keep the discount. And hence can’t unlock it. Last contract phone I purchase. Phone has worked great on ATT. Fine speed on 4G. Great range even in the mountains.