Teracube 2e Google Fi


I’m a Google Fi user in the market for a new phone, preferably sustainable. Found the teracube 2e and have loved everything I’ve seen so far. Only problem is I’ve seen some people say they had issues with Google Fi on the teracube.

Any updates on Google Fi usage with the 2e?

Thank you!


I’m also a Google Fi user, and just talked to one of their reps who said that Teracube 2e will not work with Google Fi. I pressed him about this, and he was certain. Disappointed!

Since i want to try the T2e -and want to support Teracube’s mission- i may just switch carrier. It looks like there are a couple good competitors for my area.

Here is a list of carriers (link) that have been reported to be working/not-working so far.

Thank you!!

Mine works on Google Fi running on T-Mobile towers. I’m running ATT on Sim1 and Fi on Sim2 but turned off except when I need it.

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