Wireless AC not working with 5Ghz hidden network

So I’ve purchased my 2e device knowing that there would probably be issues and things to be worked out. It seems to be working just fine so far, albeit a little slower than some of the other phones I have (I test Mobile software right now). The biggest problem I have had so far, aside from things running a little slower, is that I cannot get this phone connected to a 5Ghz wireless AC network. I have 2.4 & 5Ghz networks available to me at home and it will connect to one of my 2.4Ghz networks with no issues whatsoever. No matter what I have tried, it will never see or connect to my 5Ghz network. One caveat is that I have my SSID hidden, but this has presented no issues whatsoever to any of the other devices I test with (6 different phones and 2 different tablets). From the little bit I can see at the moment with a tool I have loaded on the phone, it is not recognizing my hidden networks even though I am sitting in the same room with the AP.

I’ve configured the 2e to connect to the 5Ghz hidden network, but it never shows it as in-range. None of the other devices have any issues connecting to this network, including my work laptop. Something in the 2e software that’s not quite right? I dunno, but I can provide whatever information is necessary to see if this can be resolved.

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Hi @MattsterNC - thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Teracube community. Just confirming few things:

  1. Have you already setup the hidden network as mentioned in these steps (link)?
  2. Is your 2.4GHz network also hidden?
  3. Even though it is not showing the 5GHz network, is it connecting to the 5GHz network by itself if no other network is available?
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