2e (2020) freezes when switching to landscape

Teracube 2e (2020) running /e/ OS 1.0-q-20220526188859-stable-2e

I did get this phone secondhand, so maybe it’s a known issue or a part aging.

Whenever I try and rotate my phone to landscape mode, the screen will freeze and I cannot interact with anything on the screen. The only way out is to force reboot my phone by holding the power button. However, whenever I first power on the phone (from a reboot) I can turn to and from landscape just fine. Not sure how long into runtime it stops working.

Is this a hardware or software issue? Is there any way to amend this? I would love to know and fix it if I can.

Thank you in advance!

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Sorry for the trouble!

Sounds like a software issue, more than hardware.

Have you checked for all current updates for both /e/OS and your apps?

Hi @gemverse - have you tried posting in the /e/ forums about this? Also check if there is a newer version of /e/ OS. For example, the 2021 units have /e/ OS 1.6 version. Not sure what is the latest version for 2020 units.

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Current builds for TeraCube 2e Zirconia (2020) are /e/OS 1.6Q, released November 29th.

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