2e screen protector peeled off?

My Teracube 2e arrived to day and I’m very pleased so far. Still waiting on a SIM from my carrier, but then I’ll switch over 100%.

When I first took the case off, the back came with it, so I didn’t realize it had a real back. Likewise, when I tried to take off the film on the front, both layers came with it. Only later did I realize that this is supposed to be a screen protector? It will be a lot more difficult to get it flush now than it would have been at the beginning.

Not sure how to get the word out, but it was not at all clear to me that the screen protector WAS a screen protector, and the whole thing came off with the tab anyway.

Hey there - sorry about the screen protector experience. There are indeed 2 layers on the screen out of the box and the top layer can be removed by pulling gently as shown in the unboxing video here. However, in some cases, it could happen the way you described - both layers coming off together.

Our tempered glass screen protectors are on their way. You could apply one of those once they are available on our website (and potentially amazon).

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You could also try re-applying the current screen protector as suggested here.

Yeah, that happened to me. I don’t really like using my phones without a screen protector so I would really like to know if there is another available that fits this phone.

I’ll try washing it but the hard water here will probably leave a residue when it dries out, I’ll see.

You could use distilled water.

Not something to hand though. I think this screen protector is no good anymore. I’ll see if I can get another from somewhere.

Just tried a tempered glass screen protector made for Huawei Y6. Fits and looks great. Read about it in this thread.

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