2E Sprint Activation

Hi All,

I am excited that I received my 2E. However, I am not able to activate on line.
I was wondering has anyone successfully activated their 2E on Sprint?

I am planning on going to a store in next day or so to see if they can help.


This is strange - our TMobile contact had assured that Sprint will work on any phone that is compatible with TMobile. As next steps, lets try the following:

  1. (Recommended) Can you check if you can replace your Sprint SIM with a TMobile SIM. TMobile SIMs are fully compatible. Here is some info on this exchange - https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/device/t-mobile-network-experience.html
  1. We are checking with TMobile on the sprint SIM activation. Might take some time though.

Thanks for the response Sharad.
When go to the store in the next couple days I will inquire about the TMobile sim swap and post my results.

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Just left the T-Mobile store. They were unable to activate my new Teracube 2e, saying it’s incompatible with Sprint. Their only suggestion was to buy a different phone. Not sure what to do now.

Did they talk about SIM swap with TMobile? If not, can you call and ask?

They said it wouldn’t work because the Sprint system wouldn’t accept the IMEI of the Teracube.

Strange. You are just asking them to convert your Sprint SIM to TMobile SIM. That shouldn’t have anything to do with IMEI - it could be your old phone as well.

Regardless we are checking with TMobile on this. Stay tuned.

I’m paraphrasing, but what the rep said was that Sprint customers are always given T-Mobile SIMs now. However, Sprint accounts still need the IMEI of the new phone added to the account or they can’t activate the SIM. Something to do with the billing systems still being separate. Hopefully you guys are able to come up with something on your end.

Had a detailed chat with our TMobile contact. Here are the two approaches with the 1st one being the recommended one:

  1. (Recommended) - Port over your connection to a TMobile plan. This way the billing, plan, and everything will be TMobile and will be fully compatible with Teracube 2e. Also, this is something TMobile plans to do for all Sprint customers soon anyways (maybe within 2021).

  2. Update - this option did not work for a customer. So #1 above may be the only option…Go back to your old Sprint compatible phone temporarily. This way Sprint billing etc works. Now TMobile should be able to give you a TMobile SIM. This SIM should be compatible with Teracube 2e (even though Sprint still has your old phone in their database).

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Thanks for the input Sharad.

I am going to try the second option. If i go with the first option my rate would go up about $150 a year.

I will try to get to the store in the next two days and let you know what happens.

Sure - do let us know how it goes.

Just FYI - Tmobile does have prepaid plans (link) starting with 2GB data at $15/month. Posting here since many users might not be aware of it :wink:.

Hi Sharad,

We tried it and didn’t have any luck.

Any other ideas?

Does that mean you could not revert to your old Sprint approved device? Could you give more details on what you tried and did not work?

We put a tmobile sim card that was activated in a sprint device into 2e without doing the imei actation.

We didnt have success there.

The reps said it would have to be activated with the imei for it to work.

Thanks for trying it out. It seems #1 option here may be the only way to go. If that does not work for you, then please get in touch with our support team to figure out the next steps.

I have had exactly this experience with T-Mobile (except that I am not the account holder for our family plan, but the account holder went in after spending many hours on the phone with Sprint and then he went to the T-Mobile store). I am upset about not being able to use my new phone. Help!

I’ve given up on mine. Not willing to switch my plan at this time as it would cost more for less service.

We can understand the financial dilemma in porting over to TMobile. I just want to mention that Sprint at this point works like an MVNO over TMobile. There are other MVNO options as well like Metro / MetroPCS, Mint mobile, Ultra mobile, etc. Here is list of compatible carriers that are working with Teracube 2e so far.

Few affordable plans worth mentioning:

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