Best US network/carrier for Teracube 2e?


Just received our new 2es and they weren’t able to activate on sprint. I went to a TMobile store to see what they could do to help me, and the best options was to move me to TMobile and up our cell bill $20 a month. The salesman said they weren’t even sure if the phones would work on TMobile’s network so there would be a chance we’d need to buy new phones. I passed on that, and am looking for a new carrier now. I’ve seen the list of approved carriers, but has anyone had good experiences they’d like to share with a carrier that isn’t TMobile (preferably not ATT either). Does anyone know if the 2e is compatible with Mint or Spectrum?


Confirmed compatible/supported carriers in the US:


AT&T (not recommended)
Note: We no longer recommend AT&T and its dependent carriers. Please move to a compatible TMobile-based carrier (from the above list).

  • AT&T
  • Cricket wireless
  • RedPocket (ATT version)
  • PureTalk (they seem to be based on AT&T)

These are confirmed incompatible (reported by users):

  • Verizon
  • Republic Wireless
  • Consumer cellular (both TMobile and AT&T versions) - We have had mixed reports. At this point we want to say they are incompatible. Here is one related thread
  • Boost mobile
  • Sprint (requires porting over to TMobile. read more here)
  • Google Fi

Not confirmed yet:


Thanks for the quick response! Mint offers a demo sim card, so we’re going to try that first and see how the service is in our area.

Thanks again!


I can confirm that my Teracube 2e works with Ting and it apparently only uses T-Mobile’s network in my area. All basic features including calling, SMS, and LTE data have been working so far. Not sure about WiFi calling or VoLTE, but the quick settings tile says that WiFi calling is on, and the VoLTE indicator is showing. I can’t tell a difference in call quality so far.

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Thanks for your response on this. We ended up going with mint which runs on TMobile’s network. The phones are working great!

Thanks again!

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My friend & I are on TMO and the T2e’s are working fine on voice, SMS & data.

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I do not yet know first hand if it will work, but Tello shows that The 2e will work on their GSM network.

I have no experience yet with Tello’s GSM phones, but they have been AMAZING and super affordable for CDMA phones. I pay like $8 per month for a phone that meets all my needs. I have another phone that I use as a mobile hot spot for my goat rental business and the $5 plan meets all my needs. Seriously good things to report with these affordable guys.

I have zero association with Tello other than being very happy with them.

Hi everyone. Played with my T2E on Google Fi. It automatically connects to the T-Mobile Network. I did some troubleshooting with Fi and they indicated T2E is not compatible with Fi’s automatic network swapping between T-Mobile/Sprint/US Cellular towers. Also, the T2E cannot support the Dual Sim Dual Standby (DSDS) feature and that’s why it defaults to T-Mobile.

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How did mint work? I’m thinking of switching

I’m having great luck with Mint. Solid service on the TMobile network. No blocked calls or missed texts. It works great with my 2e. I ended up signing up for the 3 month plan about a month ago, and still satisfied.
Hope this helps!

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My Teracube 2e works with Tracfone Wireless

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Can confirm the 2e works on Tello’s GSM network. I use one of their GSM SIMs in the 2nd SIM card slot in my 2e so I can have a separate number for work-related calls. Have been using it for a few weeks and haven’t encountered any issues. However, I only have a voice and text plan with them, so I cannot attest to the how well their mobile data service works with the 2e.

Thanks for this.

Do you know that Tello gives unlimited (slow, 2g) data after your regular data allocation is used up? May possibly be worth it to you for $1 per month it may be a good back-up for you.

I’m using Red Pocket (GSMA - their AT&T version) and I’m very pleased with it. Coverage is great in my area and the 10 bucks a month price tag is the best I’ve been able to find.

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