A question regarding teracube and it's future

Hey, I very recently found out about Teracube and it’s devices, they all look very promising and I genuinely look forward to buying some, however the specs are a major drawback for me. For someone who’s used OnePlus devices since years, flagship specs are a necessity for me. I don’t need a good camera but a flagship soc. I also like to build custom roms and wished to ask if teracube makes it’s kernel sources, device trees and vendor trees public to aid development. Thanks :slight_smile:

looking forward to buy a teracube device in the future.

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oh and also, do you guys ship to India?
It’s alright if the warranty isnt covered in India since that isn’t an issue for me

Sources are available here:

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Hi @Maitreya_Patni - thanks for reaching out. We do plan to launch in India in the next year or so. Stay tuned and join our mailing list (via myteracube.com).

Regarding flagship specs - definitely sometime in future :slight_smile:.

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