A surprise feature not a issue

Hi all I know this may come up in time.
The phone has a auto battery save feature even if your battery saver is off. If your battery is 15% or less your flashlight will not work (this includes camera flash, once you charge to 16% it will work again. I thought my led had failed on my phone but it was fine. :grin:


This should be addressed in a future firmware update. I would not desire this behavior what-so-ever.

This seems to be a stock Android feature. Although we could look into making an option that a user could tweak.

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Sounds great. I can’t even count how many times I’ve needed the torch when the phone was in a low battery state, and having the firmware/OS decide I don’t need the torch to save a few mAh draw is not exactly the best call, IMO, haha.

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