Additional Spare Parts replacement

Hello, everyone,
in addition to the spare parts normally available for sale on the site, I would also need a speaker (the one at the top that works when the call is in progress if you are not using the speakerphone or earphones).

I would therefore like to purchase:

1x Battery
1x Screen Replacement kit
1x Speaker

my location is italy

It would be nice for the future if these motherboard-mounted components could be added to the shopping cart at the time of purchase in the same way as the screen replacement kit and batteries.
thanks for your support

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Thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately at this time those components are not available separate from the mainboard.

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thank you for your answer!

I will proceed to buy the battery and the screen with the apposite page.

I hope I will find some user selling an old motherboard with components on the marketplace (because of the broken screen and he doesn’t want to rapair the phone anymore or something).

Will it ever be possibile to buy directly from the website singualr components like I was asking? What are the reasons why this isn’t possible yet? It would be an important feature for the community.

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Ooh, looking for a parts device is a great idea!

I can’t speak to whether or not they’ll ever be available, but in general the difficulty with individual components lies in actually getting them from the supplier in a manner suitable for individual purchase.

Oftentimes, such components are not available to anyone but the ODM who actually manufactures and assembles the device, and the components are packaged in such a way that they are not able to be safely split out individually and sold.

I’ll upstream your request, however. I agree that component-level repairs are very desirable, but we are still early on our journey of making phones more sustainable :slight_smile:

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great, thank you for your kind answer

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