ADMIN - site organization suggestions

Hi, just wanted to make suggestions to keep this site usable as it grows.

Categories: add a bug report category and a suggestions category, it will make it much easier to keep track of things

Also, add a ‘Downloads’ page, with all stock & patched img files, most recent on top.
Those of us who already rooted will either have to flash back to stock to get the OTA update with the battery fix or, preferably, get access to the updated patched stock.


Great suggestion. Question - do you think separating Bug reports, suggestions and general will allow continuous traffic to each of these categories to keep them relevant? The reason I ask is because we do not have a whole lot of users at this stage.

Organize as though you are going to become the number one phone with millions of users :smiley:

Keeping the topics separate will help users find what they are looking for quicker, and make it more likely they can help each other. It’s especially nice to prevent several “Poor battery life” threads, because they can quickly see it was already reported.

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Kind of piggy backing off with L_Hamilton says - bug reports definitely help avoid duplicates and I also think having different categories will make it easier than keeping it to one. When someone goes in and it’s super busy but they’re not finding what they need quickly, they’re more likely to leave (some might search depending on the person) than if they know right away. (General I usually think it’s general chatter or something that doesn’t fit with any other category? I don’t know if anyone else feels that way.)

Maybe with bug reports you can have a pinned updates thread of the latest with a list of updates that are released and then edit that with known bugs and issues as they come up for the next one, then close that thread (and open a new one to replace that pinned one) when a new update comes up so that way all updates/bug reports are in one thread? And when people search for the bug it’ll be the first thread they’ll see and it’ll be in the first message. (I’m not sure I’m explaining this right.)

Can possibly do something similar with suggestions, too so there are less duplicates? :thinking:

EDIT: I noticed there are two generals - maybe the other can be a Welcome section instead?

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A Development community in the Forums would be nice. That is unless you wish to setup a Teracube page on xdadevs.

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I think getting Teracube onto XDA would be beneficial in a lot of ways. That’s where all the awesome devs are, that’s also where potential Teracube buyers are, and as of right now almost no one over there has even heard of Teracube.

As soon as the update rolls out I think a bunch of us should do reviews over there so it becomes better known.