[Advanced] How to collect logs from your child's phone

Note: This would be needed if Teracube team is asking for logs for troubleshooting a particular issue.

**Pre-setup for Google Family Link users: ** If your Thrive phone is managed by Google Family Link, then follow these steps 1-5:

P1. On the parent phone, open the Family Link app Family Link|autox18. If you don’t have it, then install the Google Family link app on the parent phone
P2. Select your child.
P3. Tap Controls > Devices .
P4. Tap “Teracube 2e”
P5. Scroll down and enable “Developer options”

Now Continue the below steps

For all Thrive phones:

  1. Open Settings on your child’s phone> About phone
  2. Scroll to bottom and Tap “Build number” 7 times. Enter password if required.
  3. Developer options will now be available

How to take logs
Once developer options are enabled, do the following to take logs:

  1. Open Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options
  2. Tap “Bug report”
  3. Tap “Generate full report”. This will take 4-6 minutes to create the bug report.
  4. A notification will be there once the bug report is ready. Tap it to share it via email to support@myteracube.com.
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