[ Advanced ] How to replace the USB-C Board


This article will guide you in the replacement of the Teracube 2e’s USB-C board, which may be necessary if the USB-C port is damaged or the phone is not charging.

To replace the USB-C board, you’ll need:

  1. A spare USB-C board
  2. A small screwdriver
  3. A thin plastic object to gently lift components from the phone


1. Remove the battery cover and battery.

Use the divots on the bottom corners of the battery cover to pop the bottom edge of the battery cover off of the T2e, then remove the cover. Lift the battery out by its bottom edge.

2. Unscrew the USB-C Board cover

The USB-C board is at the bottom of the phone, and is protected by a plastic cover. Unscrew the 6 screws holding the cover in place, then remove the cover.

3. Remove the USB-C board cover.

4. Disconnect the antenna cable from the charging board at the bottom.

5. Remove the charging cable from the charging port.

The ribbon cable for the USB-C board is clamped in place by a small plastic bracket. The bracket can be flipped up by inserting a thin object beneath it where the ribbon cable enters the clamp and applying gentle upward pressure. A similar connector can be seen here for the purpose of illustration. When the clamp has been flipped up, pull the ribbon cable backwards out of the slot to free it.

6. Remove the logic board and charging port.

The logic board is attached with adhesive and can be removed with gentle upward pressure at one edge. Mild heating may help to release the adhesive.

7. Install the new charging port.

Line up the new board and press it into place against the adhesive.

8. Reassemble the phone.

Connect the charging cable to the new USB-C board, then reconnect the antenna cable. Place the USB-C board cover over the new board and screw in the screws that hold it in place. Replace the battery and battery cover, then put the protective case back on the phone.