[Advanced Users][10.0][BETA] LineageOS 17.1 [UNOFFICIAL][2e]

I understand that this is a 2e thread, however I’m curious to know if there will be a beta build of LOS for Teracube 1. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Gagan what is the roadmap for bringing the Teracube 2e onto the official Lineage OS repo? Is it just you working on it? Do you need assistance? Is the Lineage OS team aware of this project?


  1. Thank you and your team! I just received my Teracube 2e today. VERY impressed by build quality. I spent WEEKS looking for a phone that didn’t make me the product and I found your phone because of a reddit post.
  2. VERY impressed by you and your team being so active on the support forums. Thank you for believing in the community. If you keep doing the things you are doing, you and your company will become legendary for bucking the trend and making something truly great.
  3. Among people that I know, having a great quality $200 phone that officially supports a de-googled/de-bigTech lifestyle is a MASSIVE draw and your company is uniquely positioned with this product if you keep pushing the envelope.

Here is why:

  • The pinephone isn’t ready and won’t be for awhile.
  • The fairphone doesn’t support US markets
  • The Purism Librem 5 is way too expensive.
  • The other phone manufacturers treat their customers like cattle for slaughter and provide overpriced, under-featured, walled-garden, closed-source products designed to fail.

You guys are on the cusp of something great. Please keep pushing.

The more you support the community with open sourced hardware and software, the more you will revolutionize the world (for the better).


A small announcement is to be made.

LineageOS-17.1 has been abandoned.
Instead, we are working on LineageOS-18.1.
And we’re already stable.
WiFi calling is remaining, still. Maybe my own issue, or maybe it’s a bug.

Do remember.
Support for SW16 firmware will come up soon hopefully.

Yes, it’s just me working on this, with help from the Teracube team :slight_smile:
There’s always some bugs and hurdles that’s stopping me from going official, but the unofficial variants are stable too.
18.1 is really smooth, and I will release a beta soon.
If we’re unofficial too, it’ll be okay, because then we can streamline the installation process to be super easy for anyone who wants to try out LineageOS.
We’ve got beautiful plans :wink:

I personally have no clue for the Teracube One. I am responsible for the Teracube 2e.
PixelExperience 11 official is already available for the Teracube One if I recall correctly. That’s pretty stable and great too!

As always thank you @Gagan! Out of curiousity, is this still being focused on? (VoWiFi fix) :point_up_2:

Where do we support your work (donate)? What you are doing is key to privacy based ROMs (/e/, iodeOS, any other privacy forks I’m missing?)

Yes, this is still being focused on, it’s just that I’ve not got the time to try fixing VoWiFi, because of university and work on some apps I just made. Also I’ve lost carrier connectivity - I’ve raised an issue. Will be resuming testing once I get it back :slight_smile:
For donations, you can private message.