[Advanced Users] The Styx Project [OFFICIAL][11.0][2e]

The Styx Project is a custom Android based distribution that aims to subtly enhance the beauty of stock Android while still keeping the smoothness, stability, neatness and performance of pure AOSP.

With our first Android 11 release, we would like to bring the Teracube 2e to the front, with the latest features, stability patches hot from the Styx Project development team.

Download it from our website!

The people working towards bringing you this release are:

and our whole team comprising of maintainers. source developers and designers.

Special thanks to Teracube for everything! :smiley:

1. Download the ROM, and Magisk if you want root.
2. Wipe the device using Format Data in TWRP (my version that’s available here: SourceForge)
3. Flash the ROM, and Magisk if you want root.
4. Reboot and Enjoy.


We would like to thank the following ROMs, because if they weren’t here, we couldn’t be there too <3

Source Code:
ROM Source
Device Source
Kernel Source

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Very cool project @Gagan!

Thank you! Please do try it out and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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@Gagan Checked it out. I’m ordering another 2e to install this on. Zero bloat?

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There’s not much, there’s only a music player and KDE Connect integration that I could consider as bloat. It also ships with Google Apps.

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Option to flash without Gapps? If not I will learn how to remove myself. Cool project. Any testing with NanoDroid? Or one can root, many options.

You want one without Gapps?
I guess I could make a version without Gapps for you :slight_smile:
Do you flash any mods or something?

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Too kind. No worries, I’ve been reading and I believe I can remove what I don’t want. This is good for me to learn. Another 2e has been ordered for this. Not much of a Google fan to say the least. :+1:

Sure, that’s nice!
Hopefully I’ll bring up Android 12 as soon as it releases :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

is everything working in this? wifi calling?? etc etc

No, I have not tested WiFi calling. But basic RIL functionality including VoLTE works as intended. Thank you for trying out Styx!

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without the wifi calling i can not use it i am in to many places where i cannot make calls unless im on wifi since there is no cell service (some surgical centers etc) so i will have to wait till i know if it works or not to try some of these roms.

I do understand, and I apologize I didn’t get it to work till now. I’m still trying though.
Meanwhile, Styx Project 1.7 is up :slight_smile:
It has been updated to the August security patch that was released on 3rd of August, along with misc security fixes.
This build should also be able to flash on devices that have had SW16 previously installed.

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Just verifying - this is not Google Certified, right? While I enjoy trying new stuff, including sometimes toeing the bleeding edge, at the moment I’d like to keep my Google Pay happy and not tempt fate too much. Thanks!

Yeah custom roms are not (may not be) Google certified. Depends on the rom developer and/or your settings.

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Styx Project 1.8 is out.
This release brings the September security patch to your device.
This release also might have broken CTS, because Google’s currently cracking down on SafetyNet spoofing techniques.

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