Airplane mode toggles on by itself, calls drop

I have a 2e (1st batch). Yesterday I upgraded from the android 10 it shipped with to 11.04. I’m using redpocket (at&t) as my carrier. I’m in a fringe area so call quality has frequently not been great, but call drops have been infrequent up until my upgrade. Now, call drops are so frequent the phone is barely useable. I have noticed that after each call drop, airplane mode is toggled on, when it had been off at the start of the call. So it seems that something is triggering airplane mode. I don’t use airplane mode. Is there a way to disable it?

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There isn’t really a way to disable airplane mode, unfortunately.

However, AT&T and its MVNOs are no longer on the supported carrier list, so you might be seeing issues from them kicking your phone off their towers.

That happened to me daily (usually just once) on my TeraCube_One with CricKet (AT&T). Other family members on T-Mobile and their MVNOs with the TeraCube_One in the same region never experienced problems.

There may be some relief in an upcoming Android 13 Build, however: