Almost cheated on my T2e πŸ˜‰

I found out about the Samsung X Cover and was intrigued by the features it offered such as removable battery, IP68 rating, dual sim, micro SD card slot and large 6.4 inch screen.
Upon reading the reviews on Amazon, I was dissuaded from any further interest as the phone had a lot of issues.
What I really want is a 2e on steroids as others have suggested. There’s no questioning the value of this phone but with the camera, CPU & GPU upgrades, I think people would be willing to pay a lot more for a mid-level phone performance. You could definitely take my money for that. The 2e has whet my appetite for the possibilities it offers. With some speed and camera upgrades, I could see it being my forever phone.


Yeah, I could see paying more like $500 or even $600. Besides, the whole point of a phone like this is to last as long as possible, which is hard to do with low specs.