Android 10 time frame

The Android phone I’m coming from runs Android 10 and I’ve grown to really like the little things it offers. I’m not in a huge hurry for it but curious if there is a time frame you guys plan to have the 10 update available. Any info would be awesome. Thanks!

Actually I was going to ask if they planned to wait and skip Android 10 as the developer software for Android 11 is becoming available soon.
Instead of Android 10 then they have to work a lot on 11 enjoy 9 and let them fix any small bugs that crop up and allow great development time for Android 11?
Not sure if that’s an option?

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depends on how people feel about vetting of software, stable releases and betas

I would think it would help release updates more efficiently having stock android. As a consumer it just makes me feel more confident seeing regular Android updates. We just started so I’m in no rush but down the road it would awesome to see a schedule close to Android.

We should be able to start working on Android 10 soon. Although the update itself might take a while given the situation with the virus. Will keep everyone posted.


Of course. We need you guys around to make future updates. lol