Android 12/ Android 13 for Teracube One

hello i have a teracube one, its still running android 10 with outdated security patch. this phone promised me 4 year of warranty and updates, but its very sad to see the demise that it never got android 11 even, this came with android 9 and got upgraded to 10 very late, since then no update to 11, 12 or 13? Latest android version is 13 on my google pixel, i atleast expect same on teracube one but its running a depreciated android 10 patch. this is not tolerable? everytime i check for update its unsuccessful and says everytime system is up-to-date. i want to ask if everyone did not got update or is my unit faulty? can anyone reply?



The Android 11/12 builds for the TeraCube_One have not been released yet. There is nothing faulty with your unit.

The only reason i bought teracube One back then was long software support and warranty, but teracube has failed on it, im still running a outdated security patch 2021-04-05 on my one, will there any further upgrades?

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this is dissappointing :dotted_line_face:

Beyond disappointing!

I agree and many have brought it up and there has just been a tonne of reasons why. Is the company is kind of Vaporware .

Tell us something help us out.

Hi All,

We are here and still working on our priority list. As I mentioned earlier, Teracube One will get Android 12 eventually but it will not be Google certified. The only drawback of that is that you can’t install Netflix and a few banking apps from the Play store.

Timeline wise it is looking like Mar-Apri 2023.

I am sorry Sharad, but that is just ridiculous. It is clear that T1 is not a priority or even an afterthought at this point. You’re skipping 11 and offering up an incomplete version of 12 sometime in the future. I would ask that Teracube stop pretending and just tell us not to expect any further development on T1. I have to expect that if the version of 12 you end up offering up is not compatible with Netflix or banking apps it is not going to be compatible with much of the work and security apps many of us use.

I am not upset that Teracube has not been able to meet its initial commitment from Kickstarter. I accepted that risk when I supported the phone on Kickstarter. I am upset at the lack of legitimate communication regarding development and expectations.


It may seem like the TeraCube One isn’t a priority, but the backstory (which hasn’t been fully explained in one place thus far) might help to clarify exactly what has been going on and why things have developed in the way that they have. In light of this, yes, we need to be more transparent, responsive, and direct with our communication around things like this going forward, and I hope to help to that end :slight_smile:

So, some time during COVID-related lockdown, the ODM (Original Device Manufacturer), Vanzo, for the TeraCube One shut down their business operations entirely. The ODM is the company that is responsible for the physical design of the device, from the circuit board up, as well as the baseline software package and BSP (Board Support Package), firmware, etc. Thankfully, we got the full device source for the One before the ODM shuttered. This enables us to update the Android build. However, what is not clear at this point is how we can get the build certified (we are looking into this part).

What we will provide will be a complete upgrade. It will go through full internal testing, Beta releases, and then a final OTA. Even though, we are unsure whether we will be able to get it fully Google certified, the build itself will fully work like any other of our builds since we are “grand fathered” in.


Where are we with this!?
It’s beyond ridiculous that we are on Android 10 when everyone else is on Android 13!
This is getting so frustrating!

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News on that front - I’m running an internal Android 12 build on my daily T1. It is running smoothly without any issues. We should have the beta out soon after some more testing.


Please talk to us in numbers, what’s the ETA?
Are we going to need to start from scratch?

  1. Users won’t have to start from scratch - we will provide OTA update for the stable build. The beta release might require a fresh install though.
  2. Instead of a hard ETA - we will focus on periodic forum updates here.
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Let’s hope it’s before the next year!

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Do you mean before the end of 2022 for the launch, or do you mean before the end of 2022 for another status update?

Or am I completely misunderstanding you?

I’m referring to the launch, since we are so due for the new Android OS!

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Meanwhile, Android 10 is unlikely to receive these updates.

Is there any word at all??


Meanwhile, Android 14 (in beta phase) is out!


It’s now the end of October 2023, we are still stuck on an outdated Android 10 without security updates. This is certainly not what we were promised and really disappointing. So where is this Android 12 that you have been running for almost a year Sharad?


Hi @Wulfgar - I’m sorry that the T1-Android 12 efforts did not move further after the Alpha release.