Android auto not working

plugging into my car doesn’t work with Android auto unless I turn off USB debugging
This wasn’t needed on my previous Samsung phone.

Could you give details of your Android auto setup - Bluetooth or wired, etc? And what specifically is not working ? I have been using Android auto via Bluetooth and USB debugging is on.

Android Auto connected via wire to car
It says please connect a device to usb, until I turn off USB Debugging, and then it immediately connects

2017 VW Jetta GLI
2020 Teracube One

My bad - what I have tested is running Android auto app on the phone itself.

Here are some references on Android phones connecting to Android auto. Some of them do mention turning off USB debugging. It could be something Google changed in recent security updates. What version of Android is your Samsung running?


  1. Google support forum
  2. Reddit post
  3. Google support referring to change in Android 9

My Samsung S9 is running Android 9 (not rooted, because they block me)

It works great when I turn off debugging (Teracube), but not on.

A little OT, but my Terracube does work with the Sync system. Unfortunately, that dang bluetooth bug sometimes requires me to reconnect after turning off the car. It DOES work well with the Sync otherwise.

@cpangracs - is the bluetooth and Sync system working any better after the update?