Any AT&T News for November of 2022?

I did not know my options would be as limited when I ordered, but I’ll try to work within them. Best service in my area will be AT&T, I guess. the /e/ Foundation where I bought the phone describes a process involving a technician who bypasses some blocking. Does this negate the privacy features of the OS? Does this need to be done through AT&T before moving on to a prepaid carrier who uses their network?

Doing anything on the cellular side should not negate the privacy features of the OS.

On a related note, have you tried a T-Mobile-based network? Here is the recommended list.

Thank you Sharad. I will have a look. My rural county typically gets the best coverage from AT&T and Verizon. I’ll ask the county emergency management guy and see if there’s been any change. I can’t find anybody local who has even tried T-Mobile.

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