Any GCam suggestions for 2e?

Please share if you have found one that’s working (even not 100% stable). Thanks in advance.

Hi I think this might be what your looking for.


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this App. However, I can’t seem to switch to the wide angle lens. I can only use the 12 MP main camera lens, and also the front-facing selfie cam. Are you able to select and use the 8 MP wide angle lens through the Open Camera App?

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I will have to recheck. But the wide camera switch seemed to work. I have camera2.api set in the ap.

Hi Heliosurge. You are right. After reading your reply, I went back to Open Cam and saw a button above the selfie cam button. I can now switch to wide angle no issues. Now, this is going to become my default camera app. Thanks again for your suggestion in the first place.


Awesome your very welcome!

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