Camera upgrade?

Is there anyway I can upgrade my cameras? I find both the front and the back to be almost unusable. By far the biggest let down on this device. FYI this is one of the first things I’m asked about when I show off my “Kickstarter Phone.”

On a positive note: love the new update you guys put out. Thanks for your dedication to support!


The answer is in this topic quoted below.

Unfortunately not in this model; maybe a future a model

If I may ask what issues are you having with pictures? As I have found them decent thus far.

But could maybe use a better ap maybe.

Here is a topic with 2e cam shots.


Hi Nick,

I have been checking out this Opensource ad free camera ap. I think you will find it is more improved than the stock camera Ap.


Google Play

Youtube Video

I have switched the Api in the Ap to Camera2.api

@Team you might want to take a look.


I think some Teracube one and potentially T2e users already use Open camera. Have you been able to compare the picture quality? Or are you referring to just better settings/options in the Open camera app?


With the exception of OpenCamera not supporting our multi-camera modules (but it could with some help from TeraCube :wink: ), I’ve found the quality to far exceed the ODM-provided MediaTek camera app. It doesn’t have the problem with hyper-aggressive noise reduction destroying any and all detail like the ODM-provided camera does, for instance.


It seems to have more settings and picture quality and speed of Auto focus and such seem better. Need more time to explore.

I did find the default camera ap it seemed to on some pictures needed to apply after enhancements.

As am testing these phones with family members will see about taking some A B pictures to compare with and post

Open Camera I have set it to use camera2.api


I switched to Open Camera as soon as I could, and while it’s a bit of an improvement it’s still disappointing. I know there are always compromises for the sake of the mission here, but I guess I expected the camera to be at least as good as my LG G5 or even my HTC One from 8 years ago.

I’m not looking for blistering speed, but a decent camera is a must. I may have to find a different phone after all. :worried:

Really hard to compare as the LG G5 and even the G4 camera is quite good. It was a shame the g5 became a flop with it’s lg360vr display.

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I just did a quick comparison taking a photo of my living room with the standard app and then Open Camera and OC actually looked a little lower quality to me, but wasn’t really going for a high grade photo or anything so maybe that kind of comparison would be different.

Make sure you adjust the Noise Reduction settings in OpenCamera and use DRO mode.

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Yeah it sounds like you might need some setting tweaks. Though maybe if one is patient enough to let default finish it’s long focus process.

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Have you, or do you know of any, setup guides for Open Camera specific to the 2e? I admit my ignorance when it comes to photo-related setups as that’s usually the one area that I’m content with the phone manufacturer’s software.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin there. Thanks!


Nothing specific for the 2E from me, unfortuanately, as I don’t have one yet and I’ve not had a chance to play with the sensor and get a feel for what it needs.

Any setup advice I have is for the TeraCube One, which should provide a reasonable baseline if nothing else.

Basically, ensure that Camera2 API is enabled, and I personally like using the DRO mode with Noise Reduction disabled and Sharpening turned up to High Quality.

Read this guide for more information:
Open Camera Help (


Awesome thanks! Where is “Sharpening” in the OC menu? I don’t see it mentioned in the guide there.

Edge Mode Algorithm. Sharpening is Edge Enhancement. Sorry, haha.

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Awesome thanks, I’ll see how that does.

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Post pics comparing your settings tweaks!