Any other 2e cases

I am hoping something like the Otterbox Commuter case. It has protected my Galaxy s8+ for 3 years. My Teracube 2e dropped last week. First time. Broke the screen bad. The internal rubberized covered by the hard plastic give that shock absorber quality I need.

Hi @Mateo05677 - sorry to hear about your screen. Looking for some feedback on the setup:

  1. Did you have a glass screen protector installed? (The phone came with a thin plastic one)
  2. Do you think extra protrusions on the 4 corners of the case make a difference? I guess they didn’t for your drop - however keep on hearing what you think.

I did have the screen protector that came with the phone and it is keeping the screen together. The 2e is my backup phone and I have a Galaxy A52 5g on the way. Additionally, I have an OtterBox commuter case and screen protectors ordered. The OtterBox has been my go to case for years. Only a cracked screen once

It is the rubber inlay shock absorber.

What’s the process to get the screen replaced. No rush.

Thanks for your help

You can simply send an email to with your order information. My colleagues will take it from there.

Same issue here, I’ve cracked the screen twice at the lower corners because the case is not snug after a few weeks and pops off when dropped.

For context, in 7 years prior to the 2e, I never cracked a smart phone screen. Otterbox commuter was my go-to case before and worked like a dream.

An extra plastic/rubber case in a landfill is probably lower impact than going through 3 phones in a year.

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Thanks for the feedback @Andrew. Could you confirm if you are using the original gray case (with specs) or the new black case?

Hi Sharad,

Is there info available on cases? My phone is a 2020 batch and came with a really unpleasant case: bulky, gummy, sticky, heavy, seems like it’s made from old car tires. Makes phone very hard to get into shirt pocket. I don’t care about biodegradable etc: I keep phones for many years, so the enviro status of the case is irrelevant. Apparently there’s a gray case, a black case and a green case, but I don’t see any info about them. The recent email just took me to the store for the green case (horrid lurid color), but didn’t give much info.


I would have called it matte black, but could be considered dark gray. It’s the original biodegradable case with tan specks throughout.

Hi @jbray - our new black case is the same physical design as the original case. However, it’s a slightly different material and texture. Here is the link.

Thanks for the info. If I could get a nice slick case in white or red or blue or non-pukey green, I think I’d go for it. A black phone in a black case means the phone disappears in dimly-lit room.

If enough 2es sell, the Chinese will make something other than the wallet case they are offering. May have to wait for that.

If you can find a phone case for another phone that’s within ~2 mm length and width of the size we need for the Teracube 2e, you can put the case into boiling water to make it pliable, then take it out and it’ll shink a bit. When it hits the size you need, you dunk it into ice water to ‘fix’ it at that size.

It might be a good idea to create a plastic or wooden model of the Teracube, fit the case onto that, boil the whole thing, take it out and let it shrink-to-fit, then take if off the plastic or wooden model and put it on the actual phone.

I’m searching for a silicone case that’s like the squishy silicone… then you’d just stretch it over your phone. A plus is that it’d absorb shock better if the phone was dropped.

If I find one, I’ll post an update.