Any plans in the future to have a Teracube Max?

I know that in the future that you guys will have a modular phone but does modular mean that you can just replace the part or upgrade it as well? Also, I really like the phone build and the warranty that comes with it but are there any plans to have a flagship phone with great specs? Or at least trade the phone in for a discount for the next model?

I’m going to be honest the graphics card is underperforming according to Antutu, the camera is pretty bad. I brought a One Plus 5 as a backup phone and my backup has a better camera and has a better graphics.


I can’t speak to the graphics card getting improved (nor do I buy phones for graphics cards, I don’t care to game on them tbh).

But it’s disappointing to hear the stock camera quality is bad. Hopefully we can find or port Google Camera to the Teracube to get better quality photos.


Based on observation most people buy a phone based on it’s camera. It’s gonna be a tough sell if the camera isn’t good. I agree that graphics is kind of a niche topic but it would be a great idea for teracube to put more focus on it’s camera. Google showed with the Pixel 3a that you can have a phone that’s affordable and have a great camera.


My camera has been decent but then again I don’t buy my phones based on the camera. Lol. I have been lucky no blur etc. I made sure the anti shake was on.


I have a pixel 3a and its going to be a tough switch just because of the camera. I’m trying to find a version of Googles camera for Android 9. It looks like its a pretty easy download if you have Android 10. I found one and I’m downloading it right now. I’ll keep you posted on if it works. If we could have future updates that include Googles camera app that would be really nice.


Let me know which port you’re trying!

I was going to try to port the Google Camera to Teracube in this thread:

But my Teracube is stuck in customs right now

I cant find a download that works with this phone for googles camera. If the Teracube team can point me in the right direction that would be awesome. I can do some before and after comparison. The camera is good we just need the software.

@robert posted a somewhat working download in the other thread Google camera port for teracube . You can continue the google cam discussion there.

Is there a way to use portrait mode on our phones? I’m hoping to utilize both cameras.

Nice what was the name of it?

Kindley Johan

Hi, Rodney,
A link to a short article about using portrait mode is below. The short answer is that it’s called “Stereo” mode, due to the dual-camera use, and it’s accessed by tapping “AUTO” in the top-right corner of the Camera app and choosing “Stereo”.

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