Any thoughts about android 11 on the 2e

just curious as other phones have roms out and others will be updating fairly soon will the 2e see 11 soon?

You could always give a GSI image a try and see how it runs on the 2E.

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not really going to mess with my daughters 2e she is fine with 10 as a kid. but i was considering getting one myself but i either want the newest available version or to be able to flash something custom that is totally stable with no issues or anything not working right hence why i prefer for the stock android to be able to be updated to 11 etc. i thought i remember reading the 2e would get the newest versions for a few years or maybe im wrong. i may have to end up with a different phone then

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Updates are planned for thee years, yes, but there has not been a release of 11 yet to test, so if you are curious, you’ll have to try a ROM yourself at the moment.

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We are estimating Android 11 to be out for 2e by late summer/early Fall.


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