Anything news wise on any updates to this yet?

will there be any new updates any time soon? the 2e’s are now back in their box and in a drawer. with my work and not having security updates this cant be used. anyone need to buy 2e’s? sorry but i expected at least android security updates if nothing else. working where i do requires this. i have a 99$ nokia which came with android 10 that is now getting android 12 soon already. its a bummer since this really is a great budget phone overall just lacking really in the camera dept.


Hi @mastershake - we are working on Android 11 update with latest security updates. ETA is 2-3 months. There was a glitch which prevented us from releasing another Android 10 security update. In general, we are still expecting to release one every 4-6 months.

Yeah, on the 1st. June you wrote: “Work on the EU update has started - should have it in 3-4 weeks at max.”

Do you actually notice anything. If it really is that Android 11 is coming for EU users, which I can no longer believe, it would be over a year. Strong performance. How would that work if you can’t even get security patches to work?
Thus, the device is unfortunately only usable as a paperweight

Teraccube really needs to work on its communication. A device being advertized with a promise to provide updates for 4 years, and then not providing any update for almost a year at least in the EU, leads to some frustration. Also telling the forum, teracube would be working on an update of 10, and then silently abandoning the development and moving on to 11 (or at least telling you would be in this forum), doesn’t make it any better. It’s just frustrating. I still hope though that teracube will release 11 in the EU any time soon and then update from time to time. Nevertheless, I’m not angry with teracube at all, since the phone was only 180 EUR, so that gave me enough to play with.