Anything news wise on any updates to this yet?

will there be any new updates any time soon? the 2e’s are now back in their box and in a drawer. with my work and not having security updates this cant be used. anyone need to buy 2e’s? sorry but i expected at least android security updates if nothing else. working where i do requires this. i have a 99$ nokia which came with android 10 that is now getting android 12 soon already. its a bummer since this really is a great budget phone overall just lacking really in the camera dept.


Hi @mastershake - we are working on Android 11 update with latest security updates. ETA is 2-3 months. There was a glitch which prevented us from releasing another Android 10 security update. In general, we are still expecting to release one every 4-6 months.

Yeah, on the 1st. June you wrote: “Work on the EU update has started - should have it in 3-4 weeks at max.”

Do you actually notice anything. If it really is that Android 11 is coming for EU users, which I can no longer believe, it would be over a year. Strong performance. How would that work if you can’t even get security patches to work?
Thus, the device is unfortunately only usable as a paperweight