Apps not opening or app approval not working? [Answered]

Symptoms (reported by users):

  • phone keeps saying ask your parent for approval when trying to open messages and all other apps
  • Child profile keeps spinning in the parent app

In such cases, please follow these steps to create a new connection between the child’s phone and the parent app:

On the child’s phone

  1. Open the “Teracube” app
  2. Tap “Connect” or “Switch”
  3. You will see a QR code.

On parent phone (iPhone or Android)

  1. Update the “Teracube Thrive Parent” app by searching it on your iOS app store or Google Play store (on the parent phone).
  2. Open the Teracube Parent app.
  3. Delete all old profiles for your child by going inside the child profile > 3-dots > Delete.
  4. Create a new child profile by tapping “Add child”
  5. Scan the QR code shown on the child’s phone
  6. If you get a prompt saying already connected to a parent, then select “Create New”.

Now, you should be able to approve/block apps. If you still have issues, please schedule a call with us at this link so we can troubleshoot together.

Once the new child profile is working, please delete the old profile in the Parent app by going to Old Child Profile > Account Settings > 3-dot menu > Delete.

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