Assurance mobile compatible?

I’m getting an assurance mobile phone soon and I’d like to know if the 2e is compatible. Assurance mobile is compatible with Virgin, Tmobile, Sprint and Boost mobile all Android. Can’t afford much as I’m on SSDI. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Did you get a new Assurance mobile connection (after Oct 2020) or have you had it before Oct 2020 as well? It seems they moved from Sprint to Tmobile. Teracube 2e is compatible with TMobile but is not compatible with old Sprint based connections.

Here is some information from Assurance FAQ:

Can Assurance Wireless customers access T-Mobile Network Experience coverage?

The T-Mobile Network Experience is available for customers who have joined Assurance Wireless as of October 2020. To see T-Mobile’s network coverage, visit the coverage map at .

Due to technical limitations, the T-Mobile Network Experience is not yet available to Assurance Wireless customers who joined prior to October 2020. These customers are on the Sprint network. To see the Sprint coverage map, log into My Account and click ‘Coverage Map.’

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