AT&T 3g network shutdown

Is the Teracube one going to work after AT&T shits down the network next week? I have not seen any updates here and am concerned that I will wake up one day and my phone will not connect to the network.

I don’t represent either company, but i have an interest in electronics and wireless technologies. It’s my understanding that they’re only shutting down 3g wireless and keeping 2g and 4g. Since teracube runs on 4g, you should be fine. If you’re curious, the “g” stands for generation, so there’s just shutting down some legacy equipment to make way for the 5th generation equipment they’ll be installing

Hi @Anicca - yes Teracube One (T1) will continue to work after AT&T’s 3G shutdown.

Long answer: T1 got 4G VoLTE certified by AT&T last year and hence is fully compatible with their 4G infrastructure and will not be affected by the 3G shutdown.


Thanks. I figured as much but I could not find any definitive answer.

Hi @Sharad

I am unable to make or receive calls with the Teracube 2E on RedPocket’s network. I believe this is related to AT&T’s 3G shutdown. Please see my post in the iodeOS thread: iodéOS + 2E - #28 by Give_Me_Liberty

I have been extremely PLEASED with the performance of the Teracube 2E. You and your team have built a great product. This phone has been my daily driver since I purchased it last year and I want to continue using the phone.

Hopefully, my ability to make and receive phonecalls is restored shortly, otherwise I will have difficult decisions to make.

Please share if you have any insight into what is happening or what actions I should take so that I can regain full phone functionality.

I am also experiencing a loss of service on my Teracube 2e with Red Pocket GSMA. SMS and data are working, but I cannot make or receive voice calls over the network. Red Pocket customer service appears to be swamped at the moment; I’m hoping we can get back up and running on the GSMA network once tech support catches up.

I am reliably informed that carriers (at least Cricket) are selectively blocking LTE calling functionality on old accounts but not on new activations, and that 911 calling still works (verified), so it’s not a network issue. They are doing this for their own convenience, to reduce call load while they finish dropping 4G and older to force their damn 5G on us.
Switched my sim back to my old Galaxy S5 and verified it is an account issue, not a phone issue.

I have submitted the above as an FCC complaint.

Workaround: set Network Preferred Type down from LTE to 3G (on my iodé rom: phone actually switches from ‘LTE’ to ‘4G’). Slower network, but voice calling works.

@SpeakEasy and @jbray

I was able to get calling and LTE data again. I documented my findings here:


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