Audio and Call Problems

Hello! First, let me start by saying I really enjoy the Teracube phone and it has largely worked without issues.

However, intermittently I am experiencing audio issues where I am playing Spotify or a podcast and the audio randomly pauses and I must press play on the audio player on the lock screen. This occurs in multiple different apps and rather intermittently, so I can’t seem to find a pattern to this. I’ve also adjusted the advanced power settings for the specific apps in order to see if there was a strange power management issue, but that did not seem to resolve.

Additionally, when I am on a lengthy call my speaker seems to stop picking up my voice. While I can hear the person on the other end of the call, they cannot hear me. I had not attempted to troubleshoot this.

Any help or info is appreciated and wanted to write in case there are others who may have experienced these issues.


Just to confirm - do you have the latest update installed?

Few things to try:
Clear your cache partition if you haven’t tried already.

Regarding the music apps,

  • Have you disabled Battery optimization? If not, you can go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Special app access > Battery optimization. Change filter to “All apps”. Then find your music app(s) and select “Don’t optimise”. Let us know if that makes a difference.
  • Check to make sure that Duraspeed is disabled. Its under Settings.

Regarding the microphone issue - you can reboot to safe mode and see if the call works better. If it does, then most likely a 3rd party app is causing issues.

Let us know what you find.