Audio cutting out/breaking up

It’s been happening quite a while. I’m on a call and the voice on the other end breaks up. This can be especially bad when I have Webex call me on a conference call for work. I know Webex has issues, but I seem to have more than most. I’ve just this morning done the 10 upgrade. It still seems to be occurring. I cleared the cache as well. I’ll see how it is on webex, this week. I was using a call recorder app, but it’s been turned off. I’ll see if it’s better, or how much better it might be going forward.

It’s gotten quite annoying, and has affected my work. Let me know if there is anything I can do, without a reset. I’m not ready to start over.

Hi @doc1623, if you are referring to voice record, then please refer to this thread.

Regarding the audio choppines,

  1. is the issue happening without video as well?
  2. Do you have good wifi connection where you take these calls? Could you try when you are close to your wifi router?

As a a side test, could you try setting up a free zoom account and maybe doing a zoom call with a friend/family to test if that works fine. Google Meet can also be used for this test.

  1. It’s all without video, regular calls and webex. I think we can ignore the latter, as it happens on all calls, and on the latter, I was not using an app, but having the software call my phone.
  2. I’m only using cell signal. Currently, I only have wired internet in my house.

Few more questions:

  1. What carrier are you using
  2. Do you get VoLTE or HD icon in your top status bar? Few more ways to check this -
    2.1 Call someone and see if HD icon shows up in the call screen?
    2.2 Disconnect wifi, call someone and see if the LTE icon stays in the status bar.
  3. Install a speed test app like this one and see what speeds are you getting. Low LTE speed can affect your calls as well.
  1. Tmobile
  2. HD LTE or just 3G think it is better on the latter. (again, no wifi)
  3. 2.3 Mbps download, Uploaded 35 ms, loaded 573 ms, Upload 1.2 Mbps

Keep in mind also, that most of this is from my home, where this used to work much better.

Ideally HD LTE (or VoLTE) should be better than 3G. The speeds are on the lower side for sure - which could be a cause for the cutout.

One suggestion would be to get a wifi router. If you do get wifi, you can enable Wifi calling in the phone which should give you much better voice quality as compared to direct cellular which seems to be a low signal.