Auto rotate disables on restart


I have my Teracube 2e set to schedule a power off and back on overnight.

When it restarts, the auto-rotate setting (previously on) is off. 5 days in a row now.

Android 10.

Any ideas?



Hi @ronniecoote - welcome to Teracube forums. Could you check if this happens on a regular reboot as well?

Hi Sharad. More data now, from this week’s auto-restarts:

7 x scheduled restarts this week (phone off at 1am, on at 6am)
2 X auto-rotate disconnected, 5x no problem

Previous week: I noticed 5 days in a row where auto-rotate disconnected.

Manual power off: I tried it twice, and auto-rotate stayed selected (correctly) both times.


Based on what you are noting, it seems the scheduled restarts might be causing the auto-rotate to turn off. I’ll add it as a bug in our list. However - will keep it little lower in the order if you don’t mind.