Back camera won't scan QR or UPC

I’ve found I can’t scan QR or UPC codes - the camera just won’t focus on them. Is this a software issue?

I am able to scan with my Teracube, although the included camera didn’t seem to have it built-in (as my Samsung, and apparently iPhones so), so I installed a QR code scanner

Mostly I scan through FitBit. Shouldn’t that already work?

Few questions:

  1. Is your camera able to focus during normal pictures? By tapping on the screen where ever you want it to focus?
  2. Can you check if a QR code app works. Try this one - has no ads.

It seems to focus well enough for pictures. I already tried a QR reader and it didn’t work. I really just need it to work with FitBit.

Correction. Pictures seem to be a little fuzzy, but are generally good enough for my purposes.

While shooting pictures - does the camera seem to attempting to focus? If not automatically, does it change focus by tapping on screen? This will tell us whether the camera is changing focus or not.

Could you try the above qr app as well - it scanned for me almost instantly. You can try scanning different codes from this google search.

If this does not work, then send us an email at and refer this forum thread. We will figure out the next steps.

Hi when I scanned my lotto ticket with the app it did have some minor issues focusing. I put the lotto ticket down and it was fine.