Backup, restore and migrate data

Are there features to backup, restore and migrate (backup on one device and restore on another)? It’s been annoying to me for years that one I have to replace a motherboard or whole phone, user data are usually lost. Including settings, installed apps and data that isn’t stored on an SD card.

Oh and what about storing apps and their data on an SD card. With my first Android phone most apps could be moved to such storage. Now most can not be moved. This limit app storage to internal memory. And it makes things more difficult to back up. How does this work in your variant of Android?

Teracube phones use Google’s default backup method which backs up contacts, SMS, some app data and list of apps. When restoring, it installs apps again and most of them need to be setup fresh.

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Googles backup is only to their own cloud if I remember correctly. That’s not really what I want.

What about moving apps to an SD card or installing them there?

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