My battery is draining fast on my Teracube One.
I have to be charging it several times a day.
The way I always charge my phone is from 40% to 80%
Is this the ideal way to go about it?

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There are many different thoughts about Lithium battery care, but the easiest metric is charge cycles, which can be thought of by how many times you force the battery chemistry to work backwards to store electricity instead of discharge it. Plugging it in to “top off”, plugging/unplugging after a minute or so, all count.

Most phone batteries are rated somewhere in the range of 1,000 charge cycles or so, which translates to just about 3 years of once-daily charging. If you’re charging it multiple times per day, you can run through that charge-cycle rating quite quickly.

These chemistries are far different from NiCAD and NiMH chemistries that many of us may remember (not) fondly with their wonderfully horrid memory effects when not fully charged/discharged, and tons of guidance online tells people not to over-charge or discharge their Lithium batteries, which is good advice for batteries and devices without built-in charge controllers, which a consumer cellphone absolutely is not.

On an unmodified consumer cellphone, you don’t need to not “over-discharge” the battery by stopping usage at an arbitrary percentage, as the charge controller, the battery, and the OS all work together to take care of that for you. Conversely, same goes for “over-charging”, as again, the components all work together to prevent that from happening. Not all devices and charge controllers are as smart about cutting off charging when left on the charger for too long (devices that stop charging and wait for your predicted wake-up time to resume so they are full right when you wake up), so leaving them overnight or for extended periods of charging may result in them bounce-charging (go to 100%, discharge to something like 95%, go to 100%, discharge a bit again, repeat).

Try to just use your phone normally, use Battery Saver, DuraSpeed, Adaptive Screen Brightness, etc to help keep your usage longevity high, and try to charge it as infrequently as possible, and as completely as possible. A single charge cycle is 0-100, same as it would be 90-95. If you have a finite amount, you’re better off spending them on a full charge after a full use.

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Thanks for the thesis :smiley:
So are you saying to just charge it to 100% and use it to 0%?

I thought that we should not let the battery level drop so low.

And by the way I have night light mode turned on all the time and battery saver automatically switches on at 40%

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You don’t have to run it to 0%, haha. But what is exposed to us a 0% is not the 0% charge state of the battery, but rather a safe margin where the charge controller turns the battery off.

I guess my point is to try and make full use of the battery during the day as much as you can without worrying about the exact percentages, you know?

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