Battery drain?

Hi Sharad,

Hopefully this email goes through. I did use the most up-to-date version of AccuBattery and my Teracube is up-to-date.

I wasn’t sure how to run a report on what AccuBattery’s found, so I took some screenshots. I focused on what, to me, is probably the biggest issue/the heart of the issue. If I charge my battery to 80% right before bed and don’t touch it until morning, I lose 30% of my battery overnight.

My husband also tried this with me and he’s only losing 5% of his battery, which seems much more reasonable. Perhaps my battery is faulty in some way?

Let me know what you think/if there’s any more information I can provide.


I would look at the Discharging tab (2nd from left icon at the bottom) and scroll through to see the battery usage tab and discharging speed. My hunch is that you have a lot of background service running, thus causing battery depletion at a much higher rate than your husband. Also, please share what’s your discharging speed for Screen Off. The expected % should be around 1%. Anything higher would indicate background services running causing high battery drain.

Discharge speed for off screen is 3.8%

Yeah 3.8% is way high. Would you mind to let me know what’s the foreground and background app usage (from the same Discharging tab, just scroll down more).

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The app doesn’t seem to have any info in this section.

Looks like you have to let that running longer for the app to collection information (as it mentioned “Wait for measurements…”)

If you can let it run for a day or two would be very helpful.