Battery Falling Way Short of All Day

Hoping an update can correct this issue but instead of being all day battery ours are proving to be a 3 to 4 charge during the day battery. Has anyone else notice this only flaw found so far for us?

Seeing this exact same issue. 6 hour off the charger low screen brightness with normal to reduced usage as compared to a two year old Nokia with a much smaller battery and it’s already at 10% and about to die any moment now.

I’ve seen battery issues in the past but things tend to wait in line for bigger issues. As more people point this out it becomes a bigger issue and finally gets addressed.

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This is a pretty big issue, I’ve never had a phone with this short of a battery life, it’s unusable at this rate.

We apologize for the experience. As posted in this post - we are aware of the issue. However corona virus is making it difficult to work with Mediatek. We are hoping to have an update within 2-3 weeks.

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Thank you for responding to my inquiry in the other forum, Sharad … I didnt see this here when I wrote that. I also put an inquiry in on the Support, page, obviously, just delete that! I really like the phone so far, I hope this issue becomes resolved. I also understand the circumstances and the need for patience.
Thank you for the very fast response, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the fast response and look forward to getting it resolved in a few weeks. Have a great day.

Can we get a pinned thread with known issues and maybe their priorities and timelines for fixes?

** Update (Feb 20) ** : Please install software update here to fix battery and other issues. Software update available